The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Bada Bing Bada Bang (DS9 S7E15)

May 22, 2019

We got holodeck shenanigans. Sisko has good reason to not want to go to not visit the 60s.  We revisit the career of beloved actor Mike Starr.

Waitaminute. Do people not like Vic?  Finally: An episode not based on an old movie, right? 

What was the reason behind the memorable Sisko scene in this?  

The “jack in the box” concept is interesting.  

A TJ Hooker connection!  Spencer for Hire!  

Were the music levels off?  How bout that sinister piano?  

More Mike Starr. Imagine if he were Admiral Ross.  

Who knew “cheech” was spelled “Cicci”?  

Oh Felix.  Worf ain’t here for Vic. A man after James’ own heart.  

1994 was a good year for Mike Starr.  

Is Sisko a bad boyfriend?  Does his widower status affect his relationships?  

Is this a good enough episode for something we don’t care for?  

An emmy for hairstyle.  

How do we feel about Sisko’s stance on romanticizing the 60s?  How can we talk about these things in our modern climate and in the future?  

1999: Mike Starr was in Summer of Sam and West Wing.  

Wade hasn’t seen some movies.  

Who played Zemo?  What did one old movie contribute to cinema maybe?  

Gowron?  Where?  Sy Onara.  

Sisko’s singing.  Where’d that alamo song come from?  

A “fine” Tennessee heritage.

Mike Starr was in Billions just last year.  

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