The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

His Way (DS9 S6E20)

December 19, 2018

There's a new self aware Hologram in the world of Star Trek. Deep Space Nine gets its resident nostalgia laced crooner and self help guru.  Vic Fontaine, ladies and gentlemen.

First off. What we liked about this. Then… all the rest.

A self aware hologram?  What makes him so special and different from Moriarty? 

Who is the brain genius auteur responsible for this? 

Remember swing?  Is this a boomer episode?

Who shot down the production until they final were able to cast this episode? 

How do the actors feel about the relationship finally kicking off?

What does she see in him?  How much of her side of it is missing?

What are other ways to hook them up? Space drugs?

We wrangle with season 6.  Can we figure out what’s going on? 

How toxic is it to overly romanticize things, such as the past?   A common Star Trek problem? 

Does this predict incel culture?   Shakaar:  Total Chad. 


We take a small break to do a mini Gilmore Girls podcast before wrapping it up.

Are we too tough on Vic? On Odo and Kira? Ira Stephen Behr?  

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