Escape Pod: Babylon 5 and Other Not-DS9

June 22, 2017

Before Peak TV there was... Come to hear your opinions on B5, stay for James' opinion on Suicide Squad. Twin Peaks and Farscape are also discussed. Instead of a deep dive into Deep Space Nine, we dip into the shallow end and ask ourselves: Babylon 5... Should we watch this? All the content from this episode was generated by... you! Give us a call and maybe we'll feature you in a later episode 917 408 3898 Oh. Glynn Nimron:

69. Facets

June 19, 2017

Everybody Dax! Jadzia undergoes a Trill ritual and all her friends on Deep Space Nine get to try out their best funny voices. Even Leeta, who of course has been a close friend for a long time, is a top choice to take on the memories of past slug hosts. OH, and Curzon Odo is a Humbert Humbert. We're still very confused by Trill logistics. It's like they're just made up as needed or something. But hey, that Nog B plot is pretty great! At around 42:20, we dive into the Great Link and commune with a few of you. Kristin notices an item from Explorers that doesn't really make sense in space. Jeffrey also has a thought and a criticism for Explorers. and Franklyn "goes deep" to chastise James on some Family Business. Give us a call at 917 408 3898 and be featured on the show. We couldn't do it without you!

68. Shakaar

June 12, 2017

Shaka shaka. Back to Bajor business. Kai Ratched wants grains and Kira's friends just want to farm. With some soil reclamators. But one thing leads to another and suddenly she's off DS9 and fighting an actor from The Wire in the hollywood hills... We get political with Kai Winn/Trump. In the B plot... Stuff happens to O'Brien. Not a lot of stakes... local colour? Hugh can fix it! But hey, we actually liked this Star Trek episode! And somehow for all the joy we get out of saying "Shakaar" we never make a "When the walls fell" reference. And we're sorry. 43:37 Throw Us Your Goo? A call from Tom has us talking diversity and representation. A call from Eric has us still trying to figure out Ferengi. Let us know what you think! 917 408 3898

67. Family Business

June 5, 2017

Long Day's Journey Into Quark. For a fun Ferengi episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine we talk an awful lot about idiosyncracies within American capitalism. We finally meet Wade's crush Andrea Martin, and it's totally not a physical thing. Not with that prosthetic makeup. Quark's mom Ishka is up to some funny business- and we're NOT talking about walking around naked in front of her sons... James is skeeved and doesn’t agree with off notes in Ferengi culture; Wade thinks the “off notes” are what make Ferengi good aliens instead of just bad allegory; and Hugh thinks the “off notes” are just dumb comedy played for yuk yuks. Sisko goes on what threatens to be a mediocre tinder coffee date, and James has … divisive opinions on Kasidy Yates. Not the actor, but the character’s place in the story. Plus in voicemails: "They Shoot Bashirs, Don't They?" Plutoburns gets us going on a familiar topic again, plus other nostalgia from our youth.

Postcards From The Goo

June 1, 2017

Sexy times, with Deep Space Nine. Wade stirs the pot and realizes another podcast has a priority segment. What do we call your calls? Come join your thoughts with us in the goo-bath. James, “a pretty dirty guy,” does not want to join the Great Link. We hear from Kristin on sexuality in Star Trek (more Gashir) and a question about if DS9 and others were made today. Voyager got us emotional? Stefan questions our take on the Garak/Bashir relationship DS9: The Gayest Star Trek Fake Dick Francis Novels - A throwaway joke breaks Hugh. And finally another Stefan call gets us talking about syndication. Have thoughts? Give us a call! Even if you don't hear from us immediately, don't lose hope; we could be holding you for a specific episode. 917 408 3898

66. Explorers

May 29, 2017

Space sailing! Kon-Tiki! A goofy adventure episode plants a lot of seeds for the series. Isn’t this just a fun one-off episode? Things get contentious! We start getting into Avery Brooks “subtle” acting. 18:00 The B story is our Rashoman. Buckle up! Things get Heated with Hugh over his disdain for the Deep Space Nine doctor. We like Leeta… Bashir… we’re less agreed on. Deep Space Nine’s first sight gag! Hugh and Wade disagree. Is it a John Hughes film? 39:30 We finally get off Bashir and start in on the A plot Steam Punk Spaceships! Sailing? Wade is reminded how white he is. The first bathroom in Star Trek. STOP! Hammock time. Cardassian Fireworks and… Star Wars? George Lucas stops by. IMDB reviewers? We’re calling you out! Voicemails… We go long and only got time for Twiggy this week.

Star Trek: Discovery - Trailer Talk

May 27, 2017

What do you think? Ours views vary! We can't not share our opinions on the recent release of the first trailer for Star Trek Discovery, supposedly releasing this fall from CBS All Access. And no, the casting is NOT a thing we have a problem with, creeps. Lots of talk on fan service vs. trying new things. What's up with the Klingon design? James wants his references to work like a good peep show: Don't gratuitously show us everything! Tease us with it. Tom from Cleveland asks, "Why not a post Nemesis timeline?" and we give our best answers. What is the fate of the Kelvin Universe? Can we still have hope for an optimistic future for Star Trek? [yes] Expect more Discovery discussion from us going forward! 917 408 3898

65. The Die Is Cast

May 22, 2017

A two part Garak story concludes! Odo has a very hard time of it, and our love of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine blooms anew. The Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar execute on their plan to raid the gamma quadrant, but things get fubared. Tane recognized Game. 49:59, when the calls come in! Tom from Cleveland calls and we talk Dragons, Tumblr and whether Cardassians have tails? Stefan has some suggestions. And, as a proclaimed mailman, is he willing to make a trade for some ASMR? What happens when we get a critical review? Is this podcast our safespace? 917 408 3898

Interlude - Voicemails You Haven’t Heard

May 20, 2017

There's just too much to say! We can't shut up. After an unnecessary intro we catch up with and delve into some voicemails from some favorite listeners. After a message from Kate we talk about what makes the Bajorans interesting and some of our favorite alien races. And then we talk some Changeling romance. Then Hugh brings up a favorite DS9 bugaboo... Babylon 5. Comic book talk, from Spider-man to Rob Liefeld, and DragonBallZ Austin from Chicago from Brooklyn assures us we have DS9 to look forward to and we talk some more spinoff episode ideas. Give us a call yourself! 917 408 3898

64. Improbable Cause

May 15, 2017

Garak's shop blows up! But first off, let’s talk about Bashir and Garak before we get to the Odo and tailor team up - a Two Parter! A catfish assassin. 28 min. Puppy break! Deep Neck and Odo meet in a cave. How can they make star trek visually interesting? Unefra. Ask your doctor about it. James taunts plankton rules (49:20) More Priority Transmissions! Has Distant Voices replaced Past Tense as the current episode of discussion? Greg from NC discusses doctors. We ship Crusher/Sisko! Tom from Cleveland, pens us as in “The Goldilocks Zone” of Star Trek podcasts. We also talk Villains. PLUGS

63. Through The Looking Glass

May 8, 2017

More Mirror Universe! Smiley steals Sisko and we learn just how bad a dude the commander is when he has to save his dead wife's double's life. We do find some ickiness in the Mirror U, yet we really like this episode! Even James and Hugh Is Morn the Michael Vick of Deep Space Nine? (How DARE we) Acting vs writing. Colm Meaney’s acting is great and we have lots to unpack with Sisko in this one! Deep Space Nine: Just like The Master. -Wait what? James reverts to his old ways vis a vis the showrunner. Wade is uncomfortable. Should the ending be more heartbreaking? An accidentally emotionally interesting episode? The Funk of the Old Way. Oh and Tuvok! But what does Plankton Rules think about the “hornier and deadlier” Kira? Their gender: likely confirmed! What do we have to look forward to? Good Stuff! Soon: A goatee! 53:35- Priority transmissions! Eric blames Ronald D Moore for prophecies in scifi. Religion talk! But in fiction, not real life so you don't have to get uncomfortable. Caprica: Just like Joey. We hear some listeners thoughts on Distant Voices. Franklyn talks more acting and we get into writing vs acting and which is more important. (hint: writing) Comments? Disagree? 917 408 3898

62. Distant Voices

May 1, 2017

Bashir's Brain. Deep Space Nine is turned "Inside Out" when a Lethian puts a whammy on everyone's favorite doctor. Ok, maybe not EVERYONE's favorite. Is this a good episode with some welcome character work for Alexander Siddig, or a tedious example of everything a person might not want from his ensemble based scifi drama? We've got both points of view covered! Later we get some Priority Nocturnal Transmissions from Richard Coombs (40:20). @10Rant posits: Just what is going on with Odo at this point in the season? @Jeffrey_Miller1 has some thoughts on character blandness and pairings. Plus, some of that classic podcast pandering you hear at the end of most of your podcasts! Give us a call! 917 408 3898

What We Talk About When We Talk About DS9

April 27, 2017

Why do we do this? A perfect time to jump in with no real spoilers! It's another listener response episode! What do we mean when we talk about the "Golden Age of TV"? Stefan has questions and we have answers! Robert sends an email that puts us into Bookclub Mode! Robot-James and some random filler! And another Stefan message provides more Past Tense discussion. Are we critical just to be contrarian? James says, "No." Give us a call or message if there's anything YOU want to discuss with us! 917 408 3898

61. Visionary

April 24, 2017

Miles hates temporal mechanics. Obrien is stuck traveling through time, and must suffer! A begining rumination on technobabble backdoors us into a “Vulnerable Nerd Corner” Sympathy for the Romulan Time travel and the nature of Personhood Philosopher Derek Parfit, the teleporter and identity Are the characters too “chummy”? We argue Star Trek’s “Vision” once again. And we cover some Nocturnal Transmissions on Destiny, the Sisko, and acting!

60. Prophet Motive

April 17, 2017

Self Sealing Stembolts return! Heee Hhee Hee. Grand Nagus Zek. Oh no. Wallace Shawn also returns. Deep Space Nine Ferengi episodes, you’re gonna either love em or hate em. Wormhole alien space gods. Completely unrelated: Scientology (please don’t sue us). A B plot that does exactly what it sets up to do. Bashir is up for a very prestigous award… He says he won’t win… [spoilers] He doesn’t. Kirk’s dead brother. And More! Plus a priority transmission segment that’s all Twiggy. Killing childhood memories, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Gor, and we go into some deep Kids in the Hall references. Talk to your Postal Carrier [about us].

Bloody Cardies: More Voicemails

April 13, 2017

More of your responses! An ASMR intro makes Wade uncomfortable. Is “realistic” acting good acting? Have we exhausted our thoughts on Past Tense? Bloody Cardies! Should three middle class white dudes relish fake racial slurs? When do we hear the "spoonheads" slur, anyway? Plus, Kate leads us into a whole discussion of colonialism on Bajor and what we've gotten wrong. She's right, but really: “Space Pope” is a lot of fun to say. Waiting to be called SJW cucks… AND What we look for in calls. We love you. but not in a Bill O’Reilly way.

59. Destiny

April 10, 2017

Vipers and swords! Just how should the folks on Deep Space Nine interpret Bajoran Nostradamus? Why does Sisko need to come to terms with being the Emissary? Three scripts, including the one from a bitter writer, a Star Trek veteran, and the one we ended up with. O'Brien experiences sexism. All Cardassians know: Men Suck at Math. Because we and the writers of Star Trek agree, rigid gender roles are antiquated, even if the Cardassians haven’t learned as such yet. MRAs? Come at us. 917 408 3898

Voicemail Extravaganza

April 7, 2017

Proximity Alert. Unidentified podcast approaching. We vent the warp core and release an extra episode with a few voicemails we couldn't fit into the regular podcast Dryvetyme's first call: We talk goofiness, “camp” and what can be found to redeem otherwise awful Star Trek episodes? Austin from Chicago from Brooklyn comments on our language, among a few other things, and we discuss how we feel about potentially offending anyone and making ourselves uncomfortable. And finally Kristen from Toronto calls with a couple of observations, two questions, a compliment, and a recommendation; setting us down an extra long discussion that includes: The Not So Secret Origin of The Rules of Acquisition Podcast! Getting kids into Star Trek: Is it even possible? Cronenberg, the Expanse, and what we want from our fiction. Literary talk about masterpieces written by young people. Do they exist? You too could be in further episodes of the podcast. Give us a call! 917 408 3989

58. Heart Of Stone

April 3, 2017

Kira gets stuck in a rock, and other characters get unstuck! We start off talking about the Amish… but who are they gonna complain to? Aside from the melodrama and Amish romance novel comparisons -or maybe because of all that- we like this one! One of our favorite character arcs of the entire Deep Space Nine series - maybe in all of Star Trek- gets going in the B plot. Nog wants to join Starfleet! Why? Because joining Starfleet is all about dad issues. What leaves a humanoid to take another specie's cultural values? But, ok, what about Kira getting stuck in a claustrophobic crystal formation? More Past Tense and Bashir talks in the voicemails. Our cup runneth over

57. Life Support

March 27, 2017

Robot Pope, we hardly knew ye. And he's all sorts of robot-y in this one. We have the technology! We can rebuild him… to a point. The Bashir Controversy comes to a head! Wade is on the ropes, defending Deep Space Nine's doctor, as James and Hugh rail against the star of the episode. How much of acting is subjective? But Lisa Turtle is in this one! Lets figure out the SBTB timeline… including the College years. We can all lament on the B plot… Conflict of culture, or being an *******? Are we too SJW or do Ferengi values just have less place in the world today? In voicemails: Really it’s all about Hal Holbrook or Dr. Zaius or GTFO ( And we reflect on how the past election broke James.

56. Past Tense Part 2

March 20, 2017

Deep Space Nine futures back to the past! 8 years from now! We jump right back into Past Tense, this time right into the Bell Riots themselves with part two! Is this as hollow and facile an investigation of society's problems as James and Hugh say, or do the Ghosts, Gimmes, and Dims of 2024 have a valuable lesson to teach us in 2017? Something that shines through this Very Special Episode about homelessness in 1994? James doesn’t get ghosts. Hugh really hates baby boomers’ fetishization of the 60’s. Reconciling Star Trek’s timeline vs ours: Baseball included! Sexy Halloween Thomas Jefferson costumes! Violent protests and the timelines for change. Wade makes some obscure D&D references. Rance Howard, we hardly know ye. Were we too hard on this oh-so-topical two parter? Voicemails are all Past Tense focused this week, as we thought we could "address the controversy." We field calls from @10rant and a mysterious, handsome stranger. James talks about what liberals can do with their art. Can you spot the David Foster Wallace reference?

55. Past Tense Part 1

March 13, 2017

The episode you’ve been waiting for! Seemingly the most talked about Star Trek episodes of the current administration. Three of the Deep Space Nine crew go back to... Our future? Or is it a remnant from a 90's past? Prelude to the Bell Riots. But actually, instead of telling you what you might expect from a Star Trek podcast in 2017 we spend a lot of time on what we don't like. Very divided opinions on Bashir. Is this Important scifi, or an afterschool special? Time travel and Dan Harmon. What happened to Generation X? JACK INTO THE NET In voicemails, we hear again from Kate and Twiggy.

Spinoff: Lost, part 2 “We Need to Talk About Jacob”

March 11, 2017

Our explanation of Lost continues! We've made it through the first few seasons, but what have we forgot to mention? What is the deal with the ending? Wade provides his own, more rewarding (to him) explanation of the show's mysteries! The gnostic secrets of Lost revealed!

Spinoff: Lost, Explained (Part 1)

March 9, 2017

Instead of covering a groundbreaking show from the 90s, we instead jump to a decade later, when there were whispers of a new "Golden Age of Television"... When The Sopranos was still on the air, Netflix was all dvds, and "binge watching" was a new thing people said to sound quirky. Hugh never watched Lost, and never plans to. James watched it all in a rush recently. Wade was all in when it aired, drew fanfic, and played the online ARG. (dork) We take it upon ourselves to explain the hit primetime show on ABC that helped make J.J. Abrams super-famous.

54. Fascination

March 6, 2017

Peldar Joy, listeners. We're so sorry. It's Gratitude Fest on on Deep Space Nine, and it can be hard to find things to be grateful for in this episode. Luxwana Troi shows up! But we don't blame her for this. Sure in the plot all the nonconsentual grabbing and unsolicited amore is her fault, but we blame the writers for this Midsummer Nights Fiasco. Some O'brien marriage drama between Miles and Keiko in the B plot is ... slightly better, but we have some notes there too. Plus, we get back to some of your feedback, ultimately ruminating on some more problematic sexual practices available in Quark's in a Premium Cable version of Star Trek.

53. Defiant

February 27, 2017

By Riker’s beard! Another guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine! Jonathan Frakes shows up. And talks up Kira. Do Kira and Riker have more chemistry than Kira and robo-Bareil? But then the Defiant gets stolen, the fake mutton chops come off, and the story really gets rolling. The meat of this episode? Some real Dukat and Sisko business, getting into some Cardassian conflicts with Hugh’s favorite subject, the Maquis. We get into some Angry Nerd Corner-ing over, among other things: What we know about one certain “tough little ship” Transporter clones Did some thing happen between Will Riker and O’Brien? And oh yeah: Wade ate a rat penis one time.