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Profit and Lace (DS9 S6E23)

Profit and Lace (DS9 S6E23)

January 9, 2019

Ferengi women get to wear clothes and Quark gets a sex change.

This episode, for all its faults… they only get worse with age.

All the great actors that get dragged into this…

Starting off, the episode is bad enough, and the end ain't any better.

How easy is it to compartmentalize and quarantine these bad episodes away from the good ones? 

Comparing ISB to Moffat.  

How do the showrunners stand by this one?  

But what can we say nice about this one? Some of the makeup? 

Addressing a problem with Ferengi society we’ve brought up in earlier episodes. 

What’s it say when a phone bank scene may be the highlight of the episode?  

What did Alexander Siddig do to try and redeem the episode, and did it “ruin” the fun of the episode? 

What happened to medical ethics again? 

We try to wrap our head around viewing this episode as marginalized people instead of 3 straight cis white guys -and fail utterly.  

Are there any ways they could have fixed this episode, that could have opened better story opportunities? 

Just when you think this episode has done enough, bring in a little gay panic. 

Going full Weinstein, even moreso than the cold open. 

Is there a documentary about the problems of this episode and this season? 

Did this episode think itself daring and progressive? 

Where does it stand among the worst Star Trek episodes?  Worse than Threshold, the Voyager slug episode?  

“One of the great classics of Star Trek” . 

The offensive hubris of well meaning white men.  

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Valiant (DS9 S6E22)

Valiant (DS9 S6E22)

January 3, 2019

Jake and Nog, behind enemy lines with a buncha teens!

Cadet Kelly Clarkson?

What starts off looking like a NohJay Ferengi Nagus episode takes a wrong turn and detour into a muddled mess.

Remember Star Trek The Motion Picture? Oh no, we usually keep that talk of certain horrible things to the Hashish and Superiority pod.

Is it the writing or the acting that's the worst culprit in this episode?

How many ways could this have been made better?  How bout we Rashomon this mofo?

Just why is this guy a bad captain?   

Comparing season 6 to season 2.

Let us know what you think about this episode or anything else we talk about! 

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Voicemail Hullaballoo (DS9 Season 6 check in)

Voicemail Hullaballoo (DS9 Season 6 check in)

December 31, 2018

See, we still do voicemails!

It's been tumultuous in the back half of season 6.  We hear voicemails from Greg, Warren, Adam, and read some emails.  

Can we get our minds right?

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The Reckoning (DS9 S6E21)

The Reckoning (DS9 S6E21)

December 26, 2018

Reckoning with a Bajor episode that goes full Ghostbusters.

We get on a Kim Kattrell tangent. Hugh Crawford does the math.  But wait, it’ll pay off later in the podcast.

Instead of our regular polar opinionsA decidely mixed bag of an episode.

Odo reduced to “the good boyfriend.”
Is the Nurse Ratched cadence infectious to other actors?
Hey, remember those Pah Wraiths?

Without Mad Men would we have a John Slattery Admiral?  Seems like we’d rather talk things other than this episode.

Why doesn’t Sisko get more political power or utility out of being the emissary?  Is Sisko unrealistically weak amongst the Bajorans?

It's a decidedly mixed bag of an episode. Or is it not? Let us know what you think!

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His Way (DS9 S6E20)

His Way (DS9 S6E20)

December 19, 2018

There's a new self aware Hologram in the world of Star Trek. Deep Space Nine gets its resident nostalgia laced crooner and self help guru.  Vic Fontaine, ladies and gentlemen.

First off. What we liked about this. Then… all the rest.

A self aware hologram?  What makes him so special and different from Moriarty? 

Who is the brain genius auteur responsible for this? 

Remember swing?  Is this a boomer episode?

Who shot down the production until they final were able to cast this episode? 

How do the actors feel about the relationship finally kicking off?

What does she see in him?  How much of her side of it is missing?

What are other ways to hook them up? Space drugs?

We wrangle with season 6.  Can we figure out what’s going on? 

How toxic is it to overly romanticize things, such as the past?   A common Star Trek problem? 

Does this predict incel culture?   Shakaar:  Total Chad. 


We take a small break to do a mini Gilmore Girls podcast before wrapping it up.

Are we too tough on Vic? On Odo and Kira? Ira Stephen Behr?  

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In the Pale Moonlight (DS9 S6E19)

In the Pale Moonlight (DS9 S6E19)

December 12, 2018

What is there to say? Is it the best Star Trek ever? Again?

Sisko looks straight into the camera and details some dark deeds.

Does this do anything to the dream of the Federation? Is it too good to make any of those complaints?

What IS the Federation based on? We try to lay that down at the beginning.  Are there systems the Fedration offers that make people better?  Was there some Grinch-ian transformation we all went through?

Really though this Deep Space Nine episode is just so well done, so does all that stuff even matter?

How was the original pitch for this? What role did Jake play in the orginal script?  What was the last element added?

Lodge 49, temp services, and that guy you hire under pressure who is maybe not the most reliable.

The 98th Rule of Acquisition! Been a while since we heard one of those.

A cut scene with Dax.

The roles we know Vreenak from. Or that actor anyway.

We have some disagreements over a damaged data rod. James takes Peter David’s side.

That last scene, huh? All the good lines are taken.


The episodes we’ve been talking up the most are over with.  Where do we go from here?

Hate this episode? We insist you call. The rules say so.

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Inquisition (DS9 S6E18)

Inquisition (DS9 S6E18)

December 5, 2018

Internal affairs (or perhaps another organization) arrives and Star Trek will never be the same.

Spoilers! The last 8 minutes of this DS9 ep reveal…


We spend some time up front elaborating on our issues with the Federation’s clandestine org.

We had the Maquis, but now another threat to the Federation principles.

“Judge Dredd is a part of Star Trek now”


Alexander Siddig’s ceiling. 

Doctors’ conferences, as fancy in the 24th century as 1997, but not the 21st.

Chekov’s shoulder (no not that Chekov).

William Sadler is pretty great.

A retrospective on past Bashir moments; it could have been a clip episode. The show even fixes a past Nerd Corner.

Is there really a spy on Deep Space Nine? Did Section 31 actually suspect Julian of being a Manchurian candidate?  Would it be better if it were a   pure recruitment effort?


James’ neediness as a viewer: Who gets it worse Wade or James’s wife? No contest. Only one has to watch The 100 with him.

What is going on behind the scenes in season 6? How hard is the lack of Robert Hewitt Wolf being felt?

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Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (DS9 S6E17)

Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (DS9 S6E17)

November 28, 2018

Kira's mom did WHAT? A big secret revealed and Kira goes into the past to verify it for herself.

Things that make you go hmm. What’s the deal with this episode?   

Kira and Dukat got some things to work out.

We may or may not appreciate the drive to tell this story. We have some disagreements about the implementation.

Time travel shenanigans. What kind of time travel rules are we using here, and is it a problem if they’re not clear?

So many nerd corner questions with the temporal mechanics.

What kind of way to kick off a story is this? How would we change it? What might have been a better way to structure the story?

How numb fisted was the sexual violence and treatment of power structures? Several Potential trigger warnings: Sexual violence. Bad and less bad political metaphors.    

Is it wrong to have tried to do Handmaids tail for a basic cable 1997 audience?

Did Nana Visitor’s input on the ending save this episode or only slightly mitigate the damage?

What is the deal with this season? Ups and downs and differences in opinions.    

Let us know what you think!

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Change of Heart (DS9 S6E16)

Change of Heart (DS9 S6E16)

November 21, 2018

Worf and Jadzia hit a rough spot in their marriage. 

But first, is this B plot even a plot? What is a satisfying resolution? Opinions are surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) divided.

Terry Ferrell’s own behind the scenes life comes into play as we near the end of the season.

But Worf and Jadzia’s chemistry? It’s pretty great. 

Anti coagulant disruptors: Where do they come up with these kind of ideas? Is there a scifi book it could be from?  

Are there not strict starfleet regulations regarding married couples? Apparently not across the board. This confounds some of us.  Starfleet could learn something from Dunder Mifflin.  

The Sisko scene at the end brings up some of our issues with the Federation. 

Family: Why didn’t this end with Coronas?    

What is the deal with season 6? Is it a confident mess? A good season?  Why does Wade seem to like it so much more than James?

Let us know what you think! 

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Honor Among Thieves (DS9 S5E15)

Honor Among Thieves (DS9 S5E15)

November 14, 2018

O'Brien goes undercover! Noir it up.

Knives out!

Does a Donnie Brasco plot negate any worth of a mob episode?

James and Wade disagree mightily about the ways one can resolve a third act.  

When mixing genres is it necessary to transcend the classic tropes or is it ok to just do a noir well by it’s own rules? 

When it comes to acting, it’s all a matter of taste, apparently.

Who was the original Bilby?

Does this episode weaken the Orion Syndicate?

How bout Maniac though? Check it out on netflix. 

Wade is reminded of Shadowrun.

Cats from 20 years ago: Where are they now? Oh yeah…

What are all the red herrings in this episode?

Love amongst men, is that the central theme of the episode?

Should this have made being a gangster look more fun? Is that a failure of the episode? 

Do the green skinned aliens have anything to do with the Orion Syndicate? 

How does Rene Echevarria agree with us?

The cat: O’brien’s Sisko’s baseball.

Family: How important is it how we talk about how important they are? 

Netflix execs, we need a Deadwood Actor Playlist option!  

Let us know what you think!

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One Little Ship (DS9 S6E14)

One Little Ship (DS9 S6E14)

November 7, 2018

Come along on a fantastic voyage with us! Miles, Julian, and Jadzia are shrunk down while the rest of the Defiant crew is overrun by Jem Hadar. Oh no.

Uh oh it’s a tiny ship episode. Think you know we’re going to feel about this episode? The answer just may surprise you!

Is this just what the doct- producer wanted after Far Beyond the Stars? Who wrote Rascals? … Oh.

“This guy gets it”

What “coulda been”s do we have for this episode? A new angle for the alphas. Also what if we ever went back to that.

Alphas are the second race but also there are seconds and elders and is this confusing?

The Seuss-ification of the Jem Hadar.

Remember Star Search? You bet we do!

Where do we rank this episode with other classic Deep Space Nine episodes? 

Michael Scott Vorta. Someone please write that fanfix for us.

What moment was almost in the script that may have killed the mood?

A Tron/Doctor Who set we’ll never see again.

What about the lightness of this episode speak to some of us while others don’t?

Don’t hate us Johnny Dangersously fan community! 

We need a hero!

Not much Odo in this huh? One ok moment. Maybe? 

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Far Beyond the Stars (DS9 S6E13)

Far Beyond the Stars (DS9 S6E13)

October 31, 2018

Who is the dreamer, Benjamin Sisko or Benny Russell?

Is this the best Star Trek episode ever made? The best Deep Space Nine?  On our most recent rewatch this episode feels more powerful than ever.

Instead of being a captain on a space station Ben Sisko finds himself wondering if he's actually a 1950s pulp scifi author.

What famous scifi writers are the characters in this episode analogs to?

Just how many ways does the system oppress lower class peoples?

What was the original pitch and how did ISB fix it?

What is the one performance that we sets us of arguing about?

Does the solution Albert gives totally undermine Benny’s story, or preserve some of the artistry? An argument ensues.

What about a proposed end of the series had to do with this episode?

That scene. You know the one. I mean, what about that scene, huh?

How do the 24th century framing sections of the episode actually fit with the the main 1950s story?

How influenced was this influenced by the Feldstein/Orlando EC comic story “Judgement Day”? Down with the Comics Code!

Why doesn’t DS9 do this kind of show all the time? Should they? Could they?

Is this episode as great as we think it is? Disagree? Wow. We need to hear from you then:

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Who Mourns For Morn (DS9 S6E12)

Who Mourns For Morn (DS9 S6E12)

October 24, 2018

Morn is dead. A Shenanigans Episode Reckoning commences! 

Wade is fresh off watching the DS9 documentary, “What We Left Behind,” and will brook no condemnation of a good Quark episode.

Star Trek: The Chex Mix of TV.

Is this episode above or below the Mendoza Line? 

How has streaming changed how we expect to be catered to with out televsion? Is there a thinner range of stories and tone that we will accept in our shows, Star Trek included? 

How do we think Rick Berman is doing?

Is there a difference between “high brow” and “light fun”?

Has anyone ever done this kind of thing in shows since?  Can we compare the show to Battlestar Galactica? Is that allowed.

Will the argument be resolved? Are there “good people on both sides”?


Half an hour in: What did this episode look like before extensive rewrites?

Just how well are the Morn in-jokes sold throughout the series?  Is this show lacking in some of the camrederie that was TNG’s strength?

How did the show do by Marc Alan Shephard?

How would James fix this more to his tastes? 

Take a side in the debate!

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Waltz (DS9 S6E11)

Waltz (DS9 S6E11)

October 17, 2018

Dukat waltzing Sisko around campfire, with  little bit of Misery. Is this a great or merely good episode?

Did the writers screw up by accidentally making Dukat too likable?  Do people need a correction. Wait, people like nazis? Is Marc Alaimo just that good?

Has Sisko been dialed down?

“Some things are complicated and some things you make complicated”

Are these Defiant scenes sleepy?  Wade disagrees with Hugh and James on a few aspects of the episode. Are the issues on the page or in the direction?

Dukat is struggling with his toxic mindset. 

The world is full of conventional villains. (See: Brazil)

Is Dukat as nice a guy as Richard Spencer?

How did this episode start out originally?

Imagine this episodes three years later after 2001.

A cut line had bad tidings for Jake.

Sisko stops seeing some things in shades of grey. Welcome to #theresistence, Ben.

Attachments, Hitler, and kittens.

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The Magnificent Ferengi (DS9 S6E10)

The Magnificent Ferengi (DS9 S6E10)

October 10, 2018

Magnificent [Six] Ferengi. On Deep Space Nine. Or Empok Nor.

Is this Magnificent Seven or not? The Infinity War of Ferengi episodes? Or is it.. Weekend at Bernies?

But who cares? Iggy Pop is in this one!

Magnificent yucks all around. The most Looney Tunes of episodes yet?

Why is this episode so much fun… for some?

What is that special something that Iggy Pop brings that makes this episode so memorable?

But what would we do differently? What would we change about this episode? Are there other movies we would of pulled from for a Ferengi story than old westerns?

Let us know what you think!

917 408 3898

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Statistical Probabilities (DS9 S6E09)

Statistical Probabilities (DS9 S6E09)

October 3, 2018

One Flew Over Asimov's Foundation. 

But no sign of Kai Ratched on Deep Space Nine for this one.  

Potsie! Who unlike Ralph the Mouth and James Cromwell, Hugh did NOT meet one time.  

Why are the augments wards of the state?  

Who are their Cuckoo’s Nest counterparts?  

Why must the nympho be constantly horizontal, Potsie?  

Syndication work: Explaining the Eugenics War.  

We get stuck in a Nerd Corner: Does the technology have convenient gaps? In Star Trek? Say it ain’t so. Why can’t the transporter just fix everything?  

Picking up Damar’s thin soup cues.  

The problems writers make in portraying intelligence and Sherlock Holmes fallacies.  

Madonna and Whore… not exactly the best Women Studies episode.  

Do the writers wish they’d done this with Bashir earlier or is this just a capitulation?  

Let’s talk about Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. You look foolish Nate Silver!  

Turning Julian into a kind of Spock to show limits of certain Star Trek ideologies.  

O’Brien and Bashir banter that works best.  

What does this episode have to do with a good ground game in Wisconsin?  

Is Bashir a KoE blind spot? 

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Resurrection (DS9 S6E08)

Resurrection (DS9 S6E08)

September 26, 2018

A mirror universe story without any mirror universe.

Bareil is back on Deep Space Nine!  Not quite robo-pope. What words can really describe this episode? Milquetoast.  Stay until the end, it'll be worth it.

What to talk about? Bareil’s gun?  

What does ISB think is this episode’s problem?

Nerd Corner: Who are the gods in the Mirror Universe? Are the prophets trans dimensional?

Nipple Corner: Been there, seen that.

The Eye of Bareil.

Orb appointments.

Episode VIP? Quark.

James and Wade disagree on what makes something "the worst."

Are we too harsh on Resurrection? Let us know! 

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You Are Cordially Invited (DS9 S6E07)

You Are Cordially Invited (DS9 S6E07)

September 19, 2018

It's wedding time on Deep Space Nine.

We've come a long way, baby! Hear us heap praises on Terry Farrel and Dax.

Worf and Dax tie the knot. The end destination of a ship?

Sirella has quite the pedigree. From Nemesis Romulan to first Pam’s Mom.

Is this story quaint? How would Dax’s attitude towards the wedding vary today?

What’s this Klingon bachelor party business?

But oh guess we gotta talk about the closet.

What does Ronald D Moore think?

Wade has some affinity for Dax and Worf’s predicament.

Is James an erotic fanfic guy?

What do you think of this? 

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Sacrifice of Angels (DS9 S6E06)

Sacrifice of Angels (DS9 S6E06)

September 12, 2018

The six episode arc concludes!

Previously on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine…

and on, and on...

The battle for the station has kicked off.

A talk on the nature of fascism vs straight gangster.

What is the most problematic part of this story? Is this ending a copout? Does it raise stakes and tension or just thwart everything the characters do?

Why doesn’t the crew respond stronger to the events of the ending?

How bout that link? It’s feels so great, you guys.

Nerd Corner: How do space blockades work?

Oh Ziyal…

This final Dukat scene.

Is this whole arc a collection of half measures, or an impressive step in television?

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Old Man Picard, Discovery, and More: A Conversation with Manu Saadia

Old Man Picard, Discovery, and More: A Conversation with Manu Saadia

September 7, 2018

So how about that Captain Picard show?

In this "Kickers of Elves Special Edition" we talk with author Manu Saadia about Star Trek, "corporate fanfic," and a bevy of additional topics, ranging from fandom fatigue, the fermi paradox, and even the opiod crisis.

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Favor the Bold (DS9 S6E05)

Favor the Bold (DS9 S6E05)

September 5, 2018

Retaking Deep Space Nine! Eventually. Lots of characters to cover in this "second act" episode.

Less yelling about Odo? Are we getting less or more out of our DS9 than we used to? Hey, but we like this. We promise. Is it not as perfect as we thought?

Lets unpack the goo sex.

A new Bashir? Well he doesn’t do much here.

What Western is this based on?   

Is that Creed from The Office? No. It is not.

Is Odo being catfished? Should this be a sad exit for Odo? Guess which of us thinks the answer is “yes”?

How did they stumble into getting Rom so right?

Weyoun: Is he of a marginalized people? The Jem Hadar?

Good guy Quark works here.  Anyone who says “credit to your race”? He racist.

Ziyal… Oh,   Ziyal.

Angry Nerd Corner, Cardassian Language Version: Debunked!

Worf and Martok make a Sorkin play against Gowron. Imagine a 3 ep arc on that instead of a two minute scene.

Was is satisfying to see Kira beat up Damar? Dukat, victim blamer.

Sisko is of Bajor. He will build a house there. He says. Has everyone come to terms with being The Emissary?

Nog changes shirts, graduates, and not even in a cold open.

Tantric 3 day sex, re-explored.  And dumb pleas for forgiveness. And baseball. Get a chip clip and lets finish it.

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Behind the Lines (DS9 S6E04)

Behind the Lines (DS9 S6E04)

August 29, 2018

Get ready for some yelling about Odo.

More of the goings on at Deep Space Nine and other starbases are discussed later.

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Voicemails of Summer

Voicemails of Summer

August 24, 2018

We said we wanted to hear your Deep Space Nine opinions, and we meant it! Your belated voicemails within:

TWIGGY -Odo doin it

BUCKY with the Good Hair - on Bashir. Pro Empok Nor.

But some of us would rather talk about Risa.  So lets talk sexual mores in the 24th century.

State of the Best of Both Worlds challenge? Hugh watched Nanette instead.

TWIGGY AGAIN- Boner jams and Frasier. Twincest heebie jeebies.

Hugh, our resident Jurassic World expert. Crighton Corner!

ADAM P NEWTON/Dryvetyme - Soldiers of Empire is pretty great, right? Thanks Jadzia.   Ranks are weird.

ERIC from PA - Children of Time- What if Obrien were written differently? What is the best Star Gate? Roland Emmerich

STEFAN - Empok Bore? Empok Snore? Empok… More?

Would the episode have been better if O’Brien was replaced with Kira?

Fincher Corner!


Dryvetyme- Adam has a fine list.

Tom from Cleveland, in his first white album, cuts it lean!

What do James and Hugh need to watch Discovery? 500/ month on the Patreon and they’ll be forced to!

And finally:  Tom from London, in his first voicemail.

Worf’s tragic backstory is rehashed again! Does Tom have the best analysis?

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Sons and Daughters (DS9 S6E03)

Sons and Daughters (DS9 S6E03)

August 22, 2018

Alexander who? Oh... wait, wasn't he, like, five the last time we saw him?

We have some unusual feelings about this episode.

Rio Grande? Must every Deep Space Nine episode always also be a famous Western?


The A Plot.  Worf has a failson. Some of the characterization rings true for us, but we can't agree on how much of a mess this story is. Gabrielle Union as Zizek’s daughter?  Matt Berry Klingon?  

Martok? Well, he is always great.

We Rashoman the third act.


The B Plot. Oh, basically the same Kira plot as last ep, but this time with Ziyal.

What are they doing with Odo? Well, not a lot here. We talk Special Men.

Is Kira wrong in here response to Ziyal at the end? James wants her to have stronger moral clarity.  How should we respond to people who’s parents are moral despots? Things get heated. 

Before we get to the final ranking, some Strek Trek Damar Trivia.

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Rocks and Shoals (DS9 S6E02)

Rocks and Shoals (DS9 S6E02)

August 15, 2018

Sisko and his crew have crash landed. Again!  Jem' Hadar are afoot.  

A Sequel to last episode, but also a sequel to The Ship?

Hope y’all like the Big Lebowski, because for some reason, there’s a lot in this.

James didn’t like the pants tearing scene.  We’ll come back to that.

Dark matter Nerd Corner.

But about the pants.

What have they done with Garak? Lets compare the Wolverine from “back in my day.”

On DS9… Kira gets Huckabeed.  We like the Jake scene.

What DOES Vietnam have to do with anything? Well actually: Something. How might they have done the Vedek event differently? If it were say more “Game of Thrones”?

What have they done with Odo?

For all its strengths, does DS9 ever have all its characters firing on all cylinders?

But wait. 

We need to talk about Keevan.

Again, how does this relate to current events?  And how do the A and B plots contrast to in their approach to extremity?

How is the Jem Hadar 3rd like some of us?

Let’s all be little Kira’s here.

Let us know what you think! 

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The Fargo Season 2 soundtrack is pretty good too.


A Time to Stand (DS9 S6E01)

A Time to Stand (DS9 S6E01)

August 8, 2018

Welcome back to Deep Space Nine, Season 6!  

The Dominion War has been waging for three months, DS9 is occupied by the Dominion, and Sisko and his crew have to undergo a dangerous mission... eventually.  

But first: Who is Brandon Tartikoff?  

Cool your butts everybody, we all love this episode. Oh, but don’t think we don’t have things to talk about. Bashir, for instance. We disagree. Go figure.  

Does this once biting political commentary feel out of place in the times we currently live in?  How does it feel to watch DS9 during the Bush years vs the current Hellworld?  

Kira and Odo and Dukat and Weyoun. Games are played.  

Quark and the Lizard Pigs: What’s a story they could have done? Put heroin in their   sandwiches!  

There’s always room for rock n roll pedantry.  

Oh, and speaking of sandwiches: Admiral Ross!  

Hugh has a problem with this episode that’s not this episodes fault.  

Serialization: We’ve come a long way, baby.  

In this modern TV landscape, let’s take a relaxing break to appreciate the psychological euphoria of The Great British Bake Off.  

Oh, and finally the plot in the IMDB description happens.  

Let’s talk about chairs. Lean into it.  

Good ol’ Charlie Reynolds and the Centaur. What kind of name is “Centaur”? Oh. Let’s talk about that too.  

Kira has a #metoo moment. It gets uncomfortable. Are the times intruding on enjoyment of the show?  James grapples on air.  

Before we wrap up: Does the Federation have Christmas?  

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