The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

42. The Collaborator

November 28, 2016

Politics and Religion: Just what the people want from Star Trek, right? Do they want it from DS9? Kai Ratched has a plot! Robot Pope has a secret! Did he make a dude pull a Judas and hang himself on the promenade of Deep Space Nine? But really, we have bigger things to talk about. Like an exciting new segment: James' Nipple Corner! But even more pressing: Why can’t the dumb Bajorans just be more like the Viet Cong? That’s right, this is the only Star Trek podcast that will give you this much debating the ins, outs, and moral calculus of running an armed resistance, specifically in relation whether Vietnam is where to learn your lessons. Was there enough Avery Brooks in this episode? What about this season?