The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

44. The Jem’Hadar

December 12, 2016

Things get Real. The show we love really begins! Not that we didn’t love [some] of what came before, but if you’re a long time DS9 fan you know what we’re talking about, and if you’re new to the show or watching along with us… GET EXCITED. What big info about Captain Mike Pence does Wade insist James hold back from the beginning of the podcast? A terribly obscure hint lies in the first episode of this season! We explore how this seemingly typical, pedestrian Star Trek episode pulls the rug out from under you to become a different sort of Star Trek in Deep Space Nine 25 min: pause to deal with some of Wade’s issues Min 26 or so: We give James a hard time. 36: Wade comes clean about a wrongful death from 20 years ago Another murderer… Nerds in 1994: WHAT DID THEY DO TO THE ENTERPRISE? Lot’s of weird turns in this episode…