The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

49. Second Skin

January 30, 2017

Kira is a Cardie. Or... is she? The Obsidian Order is pulling some shenanigans and Kira Nerys gets stole. Once the mind drugs take effect she's supposed to remember being a Cardassian operative hidden away on Bajor during the occupation, and how much she loves her dad. But hey, you probably saw the episode if you're listening to this podcast! We talk about what could have been with the original pitch, and just how great Garak is when paired with Sisko... Is this episode a thematic sequel to "Duet"? Do we harp too much on "trans-speciesism" at the beginning? Let us know on the hotline! 917 408 3898 Speaking of voicemails, we take a few at the end, address our OA spinoff, and cover some opinions on last weeks DS9 episode. We love your feedback. Call to get your own voice heard: 917 408 3898

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