The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

56. Past Tense Part 2

March 20, 2017

Deep Space Nine futures back to the past! 8 years from now! We jump right back into Past Tense, this time right into the Bell Riots themselves with part two! Is this as hollow and facile an investigation of society's problems as James and Hugh say, or do the Ghosts, Gimmes, and Dims of 2024 have a valuable lesson to teach us in 2017? Something that shines through this Very Special Episode about homelessness in 1994? James doesn’t get ghosts. Hugh really hates baby boomers’ fetishization of the 60’s. Reconciling Star Trek’s timeline vs ours: Baseball included! Sexy Halloween Thomas Jefferson costumes! Violent protests and the timelines for change. Wade makes some obscure D&D references. Rance Howard, we hardly know ye. Were we too hard on this oh-so-topical two parter? Voicemails are all Past Tense focused this week, as we thought we could "address the controversy." We field calls from @10rant and a mysterious, handsome stranger. James talks about what liberals can do with their art. Can you spot the David Foster Wallace reference?