The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

57. Life Support

March 27, 2017

Robot Pope, we hardly knew ye. And he's all sorts of robot-y in this one. We have the technology! We can rebuild him… to a point. The Bashir Controversy comes to a head! Wade is on the ropes, defending Deep Space Nine's doctor, as James and Hugh rail against the star of the episode. How much of acting is subjective? But Lisa Turtle is in this one! Lets figure out the SBTB timeline… including the College years. We can all lament on the B plot… Conflict of culture, or being an *******? Are we too SJW or do Ferengi values just have less place in the world today? In voicemails: Really it’s all about Hal Holbrook or Dr. Zaius or GTFO ( And we reflect on how the past election broke James.