The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

63. Through The Looking Glass

May 8, 2017

More Mirror Universe! Smiley steals Sisko and we learn just how bad a dude the commander is when he has to save his dead wife's double's life. We do find some ickiness in the Mirror U, yet we really like this episode! Even James and Hugh Is Morn the Michael Vick of Deep Space Nine? (How DARE we) Acting vs writing. Colm Meaney’s acting is great and we have lots to unpack with Sisko in this one! Deep Space Nine: Just like The Master. -Wait what? James reverts to his old ways vis a vis the showrunner. Wade is uncomfortable. Should the ending be more heartbreaking? An accidentally emotionally interesting episode? The Funk of the Old Way. Oh and Tuvok! But what does Plankton Rules think about the “hornier and deadlier” Kira? Their gender: likely confirmed! What do we have to look forward to? Good Stuff! Soon: A goatee! 53:35- Priority transmissions! Eric blames Ronald D Moore for prophecies in scifi. Religion talk! But in fiction, not real life so you don't have to get uncomfortable. Caprica: Just like Joey. We hear some listeners thoughts on Distant Voices. Franklyn talks more acting and we get into writing vs acting and which is more important. (hint: writing) Comments? Disagree? 917 408 3898