The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

66. Explorers

May 29, 2017

Space sailing! Kon-Tiki! A goofy adventure episode plants a lot of seeds for the series. Isn’t this just a fun one-off episode? Things get contentious! We start getting into Avery Brooks “subtle” acting. 18:00 The B story is our Rashoman. Buckle up! Things get Heated with Hugh over his disdain for the Deep Space Nine doctor. We like Leeta… Bashir… we’re less agreed on. Deep Space Nine’s first sight gag! Hugh and Wade disagree. Is it a John Hughes film? 39:30 We finally get off Bashir and start in on the A plot Steam Punk Spaceships! Sailing? Wade is reminded how white he is. The first bathroom in Star Trek. STOP! Hammock time. Cardassian Fireworks and… Star Wars? George Lucas stops by. IMDB reviewers? We’re calling you out! Voicemails… We go long and only got time for Twiggy this week.

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