The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

67. Family Business

June 5, 2017

Long Day's Journey Into Quark. For a fun Ferengi episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine we talk an awful lot about idiosyncracies within American capitalism. We finally meet Wade's crush Andrea Martin, and it's totally not a physical thing. Not with that prosthetic makeup. Quark's mom Ishka is up to some funny business- and we're NOT talking about walking around naked in front of her sons... James is skeeved and doesn’t agree with off notes in Ferengi culture; Wade thinks the “off notes” are what make Ferengi good aliens instead of just bad allegory; and Hugh thinks the “off notes” are just dumb comedy played for yuk yuks. Sisko goes on what threatens to be a mediocre tinder coffee date, and James has … divisive opinions on Kasidy Yates. Not the actor, but the character’s place in the story. Plus in voicemails: "They Shoot Bashirs, Don't They?" Plutoburns gets us going on a familiar topic again, plus other nostalgia from our youth.