The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Afterimage (DS9 S7E03)

February 27, 2019

Does Ezri Dax even want to be on Deep Space Nine?  Well of course she does, but the show needs an episode to integrate a counselor into station life.  Garak and Worf especially have some issues to deal with. 

Is season 7 back on track?

James wants more punch from the scripts.  Are James and Hugh overly demanding? 

Bashir: That Staring Guy. 

For a brief scene it turns into a John Hugh’s movie. 

How was the script thrown a curveball by the later casting? 

Is new Dax a manic pixie? 

Does Sisko misuse Starfleet shenanigans to promote someone who isn’t ready?  Wait. Do counselors have medical degrees? 

Does Sisko need more grief counselling?    

What works about Ezri and how could they have gone further differentiating the character?  Bee Arthur Dax! 

“This Delta VIP lounge, where I died.”

Why would you fight the lionizing battle of an unjust war perpetrated for empire? 

Gross Quark and Julian is gross. 

Is Garak more normal than he used to be? 

How weird is Sisko again?   Does it take for granted the Dax/Sisko relationship more than we do? 

Oops, Garak broke again.

Hugh loves ear sex stuff. 

Were we lacking more of Worf’s perspective?  How might his story have been milked differently? 

New trope! Worf has a problem? Get the bloodwine, O’brien! 

What happened to cagey Garak?   Does DS9 sacrifice character for story?  Does Andrew Robinson rise above it?   Reptile brain.   

NOT based on an old movie? How about that?   

Odo and Kira:  Creepy old couple. 

Have we said they need women on the writers staff?  How would Shondaland have made this work emotionally? 

James has a “How would we fix it?” to repair the last scene with Dax and Worf? 

How are we approaching DS9 now that we’re older?  How much have we aged or changed  since the podcast began? 

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