The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Appendix E: “A Woman Who Reminds Me of Kira” w/ Courtney Bowen

December 26, 2016

Special Guest episode! Going forward as we have less "things we would change," and fantasies of "fixing" episodes of a 20 year old tv show. Instead, we want to hear more from you, our listeners! 917-408-3898 With that in mind, we welcome DS9 fan (who happens to be married to Wade’s brother), Courtney Bowen to the podcast. Topics discussed: It is a compliment to say you resemble Kira Nerys! Is Picard The Daddy? James wants to get political Bashir… ok he’s sexy… I guess? Sleepy Dax Owning being Ferengi Talking Voyager? Picardo and Mulgrew are awesome. is Enterprise REALLY that bad? Spit Roast? Are we too lewd? GOING FORWARD You can call this Number: 917 408 3898 or don't feel like paying international rates? Send us a message at