The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Call to Arms (DS9 S5E26)

July 18, 2018

The Dominion War is afoot!
It's the Season finale and Wade has been a victim of gaslighting. Five years of Deep Space Nine come to a head and numerous plots are fit into a pretty great episode.

Here are some things discussed:

Mine Angry Nerd Corner 1: Why don’t they build starships out of replicators? 
Did Jake screw up?  Did he misrepresent his father? Fake News? We have a disagreement. 
Sometimes, you just gotta start a war. 
Rom:  The smartest guy who doesn’t realize it. 
Mine Angry Nerd Corner 2: What keeps the mines replicating? The Matter/Energy equalization problem. 
Kira and Odo: Do the characters want to put this off as much as we do? Do the writers? Table it. We’ll get to it later. 
Garak/Ziyal: All your headcanons valid. 
How sociopathic is Garak? 
Lets pat ourselves on the back for this wedding speech. 
Can’t. Stop. Referencing. 
Windows: Pretty democratic. 
Lots of wedding talk in this one. 
Lots of plots from the show so far addressed. But what about the dog? 
James thinks Jake is dumb. 
Look at all those ships!  
The third Cardassian that we come to know and love: Damar.  
Goodbye Robert Hewitt Wolf.  
Do you dare take The Best of Both Worlds/Call to Arms Challenge?  

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