The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Children of Time (DS9 S5E22)

June 20, 2018

I Have No Children, but I Must Time. Classic Star Trek "Stuck on a planet" problems.
The DS9 crew gets in a time loop and now have to worry about "killing" 8,000 of their descendants. 

We have a lot of different ideas for how to blow out and follow some of the ideas in this episode.

Time share “LA Swinger” Odo.

Let’s talk about Odo and Kira, with a small sidebar to Sex and The City.

Poor O’Brien. So many Mollys.

How would this have been if stretched to a mulitple episode arc?  If this were a modern TV show how might this have been handled differently?

How do alien genetics and inbreeding work?

Bashir, please don’t do anything untoward with your great great grandaughter.

Where does personhood start when dealing with temporal mechanics?

The Sons of Mogh learn that enemies can be abstract ideas.

Why the reliance on pioneer agricultural civilizations?

Avoiding a pat ending.

IMDB doesn’t like the race stuff.

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