The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Chimera (DS9 S7E14)

May 15, 2019

Odo meets one of his people, and their intimate relationship causes some tension with Kira.

Sex vibes for days. 

For all that creators have acknowledged in the DS9 doc and elsewhere that the show could have done better with LGBTQ issues, is this episode an example of exploring those questions? Or more about marginalized identites in general?  We may not be the best equipped to talk about it, but we’re gonna try. 

What favor did the fx guy do for this episode? 

How much more mileage could they have gotten out of Laas as a reoccurring character instead of Vic? 

Does the shows opinion on “humanoids” differ from what Star Trek usually expouses?  Are we doomed to make “others” out of people by our own DNA? 

Is this the most meaty episode we’ve had in a while?

We stumble into a few Nerd Corners. 

Have we really not met any more of The 100?   

Oh yeah, this is Martok. Who is he impersonating in order to seem condescending?   

Everything is The Link. And sexual. 

Why don’t we do it on the promenade? 

Laas may be a jerk, but he’s not wrong.  Is the science on his side? 

Are the Founders on their way to being classic Star Trek Space Gods? 

Is this an important bridge on Odo’s arc to where he ends the show? 

Does this episode echo important gay stories being told at the time? 

Hate to do it, but we have to talk about alien genitalia.  The Orville gets mentioned.  Go to if you need more. 

Is Quark’s pep talk the advice nobody actually needs to hear from well meaning people?   

Is Laas Larry Kramer? 

Is it weird that the Klingons are pressing charges? 

Good ol’ Cavey. 

Is there a “goof” with the Founder’s disease?  Is there a book that solves things? 

If you can’t goop with me at my solidest… 

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