The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Crossfire (DS9 S4E13)

October 4, 2017

We talk ships, but not starships!
Odo has to confront his feelings when Kira's old friend Shakaar shows up and tries something new.  No one goes anywhere, no new aliens are confronted, but we have a lot to say about this one.  Is it, as Hugh says, "A pretty great episode of television, but not necessarily the best Star Trek"?

Just how great is René Auberjonois? Pretty great.  
Just what does one do with an Odo... when in a relationship?

In voicemails (1:04:20)

Both Warren (@10rant) and Adam P. Newton (@dryvetyme) have more to say about the holodeck and Our Man Bashir

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