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The Dogs of War (DS9 S7E24)

July 24, 2019

The end is nigh upon us!  The Ferengi are getting a new Nagus!  The Cardassian rebellion has been crushed! Or has it?  The Alliance Fleet has to make a decision.  

What was Peter Allan Fields contribution?  Nobody’s saying! 

How do we feel about where this leaves some of our characters?  Rom, go on Chapo!  Quark, Sam Malone, and Making Ferengenar Great Again, and Jim from the Office. 

Is the Ferengi story of DS9 topical to our current time?  Does Quark want to roll back Obamacare?  But why talk to long on that when we can talk about the BEST storyline: Dax and Julian? 

Cartoon characters and anime. 

What’s with all the extra stuff in this? Throwing a few favors to the crew in the last days of disco? Is that why it was so dark?  What with the best director of romance in all of DS9? 

Fleamarket jewelry.  Helping folks sell on the convention circuit. 

New ship, who dis?   Fan service.  Is it right to just throw them a new Defiant like that?     

The Terrorist Gang on Cardassia.  Why is that guy names Seskal?   Really? Seskal?  That sound like anything to you?   

Is Mila Garak’s mom or not?   We know “the books” say, but what about the show? 

No mention of Dukat.  All your bases are [destroyed] by us. 

Can you even believe the fake Dominion news?  More topical content! 

The Dominion makes a good point about the timidness of the Federation that is actually proven wrong pretty quickly.  Did this ep seem to secure in the victory? 

Odo takes James and Hugh’s side in last weeks Federation/Section 31 argument. 

Is it an accident when Sisko wears his vest from Pale Moonlight?   How can we reconcile Star Trek with ideals we want it to hold on to?  Back on comparing DS9 to A Few Good Men. 

“I’m pregnant,” male birth control and the best acted scene in the episode.

Missing links aren’t pretty.  How does this penultimate episode hold together thematically? 

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