The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Extreme Measures (DS9 S7E23)

July 17, 2019

Miles and Jule’s excellent adventure.

It was the best of Julian, it was the worst of Julian.  Sloan gets  caught! Via exxxtreme measures. Oh, and Odo is dying.

Putting to rest whether Julian is a good physician. 

O’Brien, reduced to a wingman, or something more? 

What imaginitve vistas could have been?  What do the writers dislike about this episode and what does Wade love?  Speaking of love…  Forget about the Cardassian plot, this is all Bashir and Obrien. 

Odo is Scarecrow, or an essence-drained muppet. 

Ok, the “You love me more than your wife” scene… How gay is it? And how appreciated can it really be?  A soupçon of gay panic?  Do LGBT viewers like that scene?  Is it ok to enjoy it? Should marginalized viewers “take what you get”? 

Why do this stuff at all if it’s not indicative of who Miles is as a character?  Can one enjoy this episode while also agreeing that Miles and the rest of the O’Briens are underserved?  How did Colm Meaney feel? 

“Sadey sit sir”  What?!  Star Fleet would never do this. 

Do the writers realize  enough to talk about systems? It’s time to argue more about Section 31!  How much has Section 31 hijacked the franchise?  Is it a cancer corrupting it? Is Section 31 an aberration or baked in to the Federation now?  Even if it is in trek currently, is it baked into the Federation of Trek in 1999? 

Is what Section 31 injected into the Dominion similar to what DS9 injected into the Star Trek mythos?   Is Star Trek redeemable at this point? Should anyone even  bother?  Jeeeeeeeeez man,   what has this podcast turned into? 

William Sadler is pretty great, right?   

President Joe Camel, remember him?  He got mentioned. 

Does Discovery still haunt Wade?  Should we want new Star Trek stories or just new stories?  Another debate!   Look at that tunnel. Follow the light!  The ol’ switcheroo is almost effective.   Should there have been more thematic resonance to Tale of Two Cities?    

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