The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Far Beyond the Stars (DS9 S6E13)

October 31, 2018

Who is the dreamer, Benjamin Sisko or Benny Russell?

Is this the best Star Trek episode ever made? The best Deep Space Nine?  On our most recent rewatch this episode feels more powerful than ever.

Instead of being a captain on a space station Ben Sisko finds himself wondering if he's actually a 1950s pulp scifi author.

What famous scifi writers are the characters in this episode analogs to?

Just how many ways does the system oppress lower class peoples?

What was the original pitch and how did ISB fix it?

What is the one performance that we sets us of arguing about?

Does the solution Albert gives totally undermine Benny’s story, or preserve some of the artistry? An argument ensues.

What about a proposed end of the series had to do with this episode?

That scene. You know the one. I mean, what about that scene, huh?

How do the 24th century framing sections of the episode actually fit with the the main 1950s story?

How influenced was this influenced by the Feldstein/Orlando EC comic story “Judgement Day”? Down with the Comics Code!

Why doesn’t DS9 do this kind of show all the time? Should they? Could they?

Is this episode as great as we think it is? Disagree? Wow. We need to hear from you then:

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