The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Favor the Bold (DS9 S6E05)

September 5, 2018

Retaking Deep Space Nine! Eventually. Lots of characters to cover in this "second act" episode.

Less yelling about Odo? Are we getting less or more out of our DS9 than we used to? Hey, but we like this. We promise. Is it not as perfect as we thought?

Lets unpack the goo sex.

A new Bashir? Well he doesn’t do much here.

What Western is this based on?   

Is that Creed from The Office? No. It is not.

Is Odo being catfished? Should this be a sad exit for Odo? Guess which of us thinks the answer is “yes”?

How did they stumble into getting Rom so right?

Weyoun: Is he of a marginalized people? The Jem Hadar?

Good guy Quark works here.  Anyone who says “credit to your race”? He racist.

Ziyal… Oh,   Ziyal.

Angry Nerd Corner, Cardassian Language Version: Debunked!

Worf and Martok make a Sorkin play against Gowron. Imagine a 3 ep arc on that instead of a two minute scene.

Was is satisfying to see Kira beat up Damar? Dukat, victim blamer.

Sisko is of Bajor. He will build a house there. He says. Has everyone come to terms with being The Emissary?

Nog changes shirts, graduates, and not even in a cold open.

Tantric 3 day sex, re-explored.  And dumb pleas for forgiveness. And baseball. Get a chip clip and lets finish it.

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The robot voice is also really into metal and being moody, apparently. And the band Dagon?