The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Ferengi Love Songs (DS9 S5E20)

June 6, 2018

Moooogie. Gird your Lobes!

Love songs and boner jams. Or not. Scratch that. No Andrea Martin in this one, to Wade's chagrin.

Quark visits his mom, could James explain Ferengi weirdness to his dad?

Has DS9 taken a step backward into Episodic television after pulling off successful serialized arcs?

Bouncing from B to A plot and Rules of Acquisition.

Proverbial “Ear massaging” as a relaxing focus technique as internet speeds are getting faster in the 90s: Is there a correllation?

Is there a point in this episode, that makes this and Important Episode for the Ferengi arc of the series?

James is dubious. Are we making allowances for a syndicated scifi show in the 90s? Probably.

Is this really where Quark starts Urkel-ing the show?

Flaws of the Nielson/sweeps model.

James sees flaws in ISB’s critique of Capitalism.

This episode has some flaws in how the climax is resolved.

“Go back into the closet where you belong?” Just what did they mean by that? (probably nothing)

Pew pew pew - Action figures - The End.

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