The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Homefront (DS9 S4E11)

September 18, 2017

Welcome to Earth!  
After a terrorist attack, Benjamin, Jake, and Odo get recalled to run Earth Security and hang out in a New Orleans restaurant. That's right, Brock Peters as grandpa Joe Sisko!  
Changelings have infiltrated the Federation, Starfleet is perhaps comprimised, and President Joe Camel needs convincing.   An episode that is strangely prescient for a tv show before the modern War on Terror.    
A lot to cover in this first part of a two episode story. How does a society balance freedom with security?   Does this further dismantle Roddenberry's dream?  Just what living family members does Ben Sisko actually have?  

And in Voicemails! (52:30)  
It's all about the holodeck.  
FAIR WARNING: We earn that explicit tag in this one.  
Twiggy and Kristin from Toronto leave messages on Our Man Bashir, and we go into excruciating detail on holosuite hygiene, technology, and sexual ethics of the future.   

Have thoughts of your own? Predictions for Star Trek: Discovery? Let us have em!  

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