The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Honor Among Thieves (DS9 S5E15)

November 14, 2018

O'Brien goes undercover! Noir it up.

Knives out!

Does a Donnie Brasco plot negate any worth of a mob episode?

James and Wade disagree mightily about the ways one can resolve a third act.  

When mixing genres is it necessary to transcend the classic tropes or is it ok to just do a noir well by it’s own rules? 

When it comes to acting, it’s all a matter of taste, apparently.

Who was the original Bilby?

Does this episode weaken the Orion Syndicate?

How bout Maniac though? Check it out on netflix. 

Wade is reminded of Shadowrun.

Cats from 20 years ago: Where are they now? Oh yeah…

What are all the red herrings in this episode?

Love amongst men, is that the central theme of the episode?

Should this have made being a gangster look more fun? Is that a failure of the episode? 

Do the green skinned aliens have anything to do with the Orion Syndicate? 

How does Rene Echevarria agree with us?

The cat: O’brien’s Sisko’s baseball.

Family: How important is it how we talk about how important they are? 

Netflix execs, we need a Deadwood Actor Playlist option!  

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