The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Image in the Sand (DS9 S7E01)

February 13, 2019

Season Seven commences! Sisko is off the station again and everyone is trying to deal with the catastrophes of season Six.  What will the final season of Deep Space Nine entail?

The new status quo.  Odo … is fine.  

Killing who?   Film-what?  The Go-bots of streaming services.  

Religion again.  How topical!  


Worf’s grief.  What’s a Klingon to do?   Not be Liam Neeson, that’s for sure.  

A compliment for Behr.  

A Romulan with personality?  

Obrien with Scocth. Damar! With Kanar.  

Sisko plays Skyrim.  Did Sisko’s Cajun Kitchen change?  

Worf is not a merry man.  Does Vic get better with repetition?  What happened to the reset button?   

The Bechdel Test gets passed again.  Feel like that merits mentioning.  

Just what is it like being around Avery Brooks?  

For the love of Romulans.  Are they more well adjusted than Vulcans?  Boomers, man.  An idea for Discovery.  

A couple of nice minor acting moments.  

I need more pads.  For piddling.  

Nice, believable politics.  

Clams, not potatoes. Point: Wade.  

What do you think about Sisko’s white robes? Is it a thing for anyone?  

The Jackie Brown of season openers.     

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