The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

In Purgatory’s Shadow (DS9 S5E14)

April 25, 2018

The Dominion War approaches! Are we in the best "3 song run" across all the "albums" of DS9?

Is there something different about Bashir? Oh boy, Ziyal: You look different.
Wade and James have wildly different ideas about the nature of Garak and Ziyal’s relationship. The best Worf stuff… ever?Chekov’s Breen. Sisko has an idea for the wormhole Kira doesn’t like, should Dax have had something to say about it?The Dukat we knew all along. Garak and Tain come to terms. Does Wade like this better a childhood story than what we got with Worf?
Not to switch properties, but let’s talk about that Leia costume.
Closing with horrific internet memes.

We get a little ahead and confused about what’s in this episode and the next.
The dangers of explaining a characters past, i.e. the Wolverine Problem.

No voicemails. But we have a proposition re: “hate money” 

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