The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Inquisition (DS9 S6E18)

December 5, 2018

Internal affairs (or perhaps another organization) arrives and Star Trek will never be the same.

Spoilers! The last 8 minutes of this DS9 ep reveal…


We spend some time up front elaborating on our issues with the Federation’s clandestine org.

We had the Maquis, but now another threat to the Federation principles.

“Judge Dredd is a part of Star Trek now”


Alexander Siddig’s ceiling. 

Doctors’ conferences, as fancy in the 24th century as 1997, but not the 21st.

Chekov’s shoulder (no not that Chekov).

William Sadler is pretty great.

A retrospective on past Bashir moments; it could have been a clip episode. The show even fixes a past Nerd Corner.

Is there really a spy on Deep Space Nine? Did Section 31 actually suspect Julian of being a Manchurian candidate?  Would it be better if it were a   pure recruitment effort?


James’ neediness as a viewer: Who gets it worse Wade or James’s wife? No contest. Only one has to watch The 100 with him.

What is going on behind the scenes in season 6? How hard is the lack of Robert Hewitt Wolf being felt?

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