The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

It’s Only a Paper Moon (DS9 S7E10)

April 17, 2019

Nog has some very understandable issues to deal with.  Maybe we do too?

Is this the best holodeck episode ever?  Is that damning with faint praise?  What makes a holodeck episode anyway? 

Vic Fontaine. Oh Vic. OH  MY, how some people hate you.

How does this episode’s representation of a hologram character exist within the entire Star Trek franchise? 

How long til the show smartens up about the swinging 60s?

What was the original pitch from David Mack way back in season 2? 

Even with Vic disdain, there is a lot that this episode does pretty well.    Aaron Eisenberg for instance, is pretty great in this. 

What if Vic’s club was “Snoop’s” instead? 

What, no space-fentanyl? 

Is Kesha a traditional Bajoran name? 

What video game  is Nog playing? 

Remember when Obrien was the favorite character of the writers?   Or Sisko? Even Garak?  We’re sorry, Keiko. 

That breakdown scene is good, but what do we three idiots know about combat? 

Continuity Corner:  Where did Worf go in the middle of this episode?  Insurrection! 

How would we talk about Vic in an ethics class? Calvinism for holograms. 

Who hasn’t played Animal Crossing?  What kind of gamer are you even? 

Billy Corrigan and the Saddest Kid in the World. 

For all anyone’s quibbles, this is the kind of episode that sets Deep Space Nine apart from other Star Treks.    

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