The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Let He Who Is Without Sin… (DS9 S5E07)

March 7, 2018

Put on your spandex aerobics outfits. We're going to Risa!

Worf is the worst boyfriend. Why is Dax with him again?

Is this… waitaminute... a good episode?

Bild Lilli horgons. Is Risa a planet of sex workers? Planet Vegas? Without Capitalism? Anarchist Vegas?

Vanessa Williams guest stars as the woman who killed Curzon.

Now. Let us objectify Bashir:  A different bodytype for a different era.

Leeta makes Quark and Julian do a double take (

Nog and Ted Cruz’s internet habits.

Gotta be a secure man to be with Dax.

That Worf scene. We have opinions.

Things suddenly get serious, but ok not that serious. 


Sorry for the lack of Voicemails again this week. We got way too excited talking about the time Dave Mathews guest starred in an episode of House.  But give us your calls! We promise we want to hear them.

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