The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Once More Unto the Breach (DS9 S7E07)

March 27, 2019

You guys, Martok HATES Kor.

When Kor shows up at Worf's drunk in the middle of the night and asks him to do a favor so he can die with dignity, what is a bro supposed to do?

Progressive Left vs the old liberals: Worf is Peter Daou. 

This 90s show is all about post Trump politics, right? 

How many people or characters can we compare the cast of this DS9 episode to? 

What are the sexual mores of Klingon culture? 

Klingon military school is like getting into West Point back in olden times. 

We’re still unsure what a Dahar master is. 

The house of Kor, past and present.  Future? Maybe  not. 

Oh, that Dax B plot.  Not our favorite. The questions one gets tired of answering.  What aspects of Dax are the writers retreading? 

Did Jadzia’s non warriors death get expunged? 

How entwined are Kor’s accomplishments and his noble bloodline? 

Klingon Tucker Carlson? 

Peter Daou stories are Worf stories. 

Mean Girls in the cafeteria. 

Oh yeah? Take some Shakespeare, bullies. 

Remember Bobby Bacala?  What if the Sopranos…  no, nevermind. 

That Ronald D. Moore can put a script together, even if it is a basic “blaze of glory” story. 

Martok doesn’t like people eating in his car. 

Wade wrote down a lot of Klingon. Nunek!

What does Armin Shimmerman have to say about Quark this season?  What do we? 

The past was so fraught, we’re scared to just name some characters. 

Klingon Social Security and suicide squads.  We’re going to disrupt dying in battle.    

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