The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

One Little Ship (DS9 S6E14)

November 7, 2018

Come along on a fantastic voyage with us! Miles, Julian, and Jadzia are shrunk down while the rest of the Defiant crew is overrun by Jem Hadar. Oh no.

Uh oh it’s a tiny ship episode. Think you know we’re going to feel about this episode? The answer just may surprise you!

Is this just what the doct- producer wanted after Far Beyond the Stars? Who wrote Rascals? … Oh.

“This guy gets it”

What “coulda been”s do we have for this episode? A new angle for the alphas. Also what if we ever went back to that.

Alphas are the second race but also there are seconds and elders and is this confusing?

The Seuss-ification of the Jem Hadar.

Remember Star Search? You bet we do!

Where do we rank this episode with other classic Deep Space Nine episodes? 

Michael Scott Vorta. Someone please write that fanfix for us.

What moment was almost in the script that may have killed the mood?

A Tron/Doctor Who set we’ll never see again.

What about the lightness of this episode speak to some of us while others don’t?

Don’t hate us Johnny Dangersously fan community! 

We need a hero!

Not much Odo in this huh? One ok moment. Maybe? 

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