The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Our Man Bashir (DS9 S4E10)

September 11, 2017

Bashir, Julian Bashir.
Definitely not James Bond, if it pleases the court, Your Honor.  

It's the Bashir episode you've either been waiting for or dreading! Transporter mishaps and holodeck episodes: Star Trek standbys. The Ops crew has their bodies stuck in Quark's holodeck and their minds bit torrented throught the station.  It's up to cheesy superspy Julian and his legit-spy companion Garak to save them. Is there some worldbuilding and, daresay, some character work built into this episode?  Well, we have opinions.  James comes out and admits his feelings on all James Bond, not just Star Trek parody episodes.

Who is Wade's favorite fascist novelist?

We have LOTS of consideration of the ethics of the holodeck and sex work. "For all your teledildonic needs"

but wait! Hugh… compliments Bashir’s acting?!

Voicemails! (46:18)
BuckyWTgoodHair lets us know why he thinks maybe Rejoined has aged the way it has.

Eric calls, and points out how in Rejoined we reversed engineered an alien villain from a series of shows we never actually saw. Though we did all see the Stargate movie.

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