The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Penumbra (DS9 S7E17)

June 5, 2019

It’s the final countdown y’all.  Worf gets lost. Sisko gets some land and also engaged.  Plus there's a war on.

They’ve dabbled with serialization, how does DS9 kick off the longest arc any Star Trek had attempted?  What approach did the writers take to assembling the story? 

What mandates and rules did they have to adhere to? 

Setting aside the rewatch meter. 

What kind of shows have we soured on over the past several years? 

Why does Star Trek keep screwing up romances?  More on that next week. 

How’d these scripts get broken? 

What plotlines are in this ep, and what about other important characters who presumably have a part to play in the endgame? 

How much does “destiny” take the agency from characters? 

Ok. How do Starfleet officers own land? What’s up with that?  How normalized is the Federation now?  Is there still room for luxury gay space communism? 

Did Kasidy get shortchanged this ep? 

Cranberry Sauce and The Simpsons.    

Is Damar the only real dude in this story so far?  Has anyone on Star Trek had a serious addiction?   

Skin shaming. Wade should be ashamed.   

Ezri’s one man show acting. 

Is starting the story circle here at a place of comfort a weird beginning?  D&D doll furniture and diamond rings.   

How mucf of a bummer is Worf/Ezri? 

What just do we know about the Breen? 

Don’t count out Wade’s Seal knowledge. 

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