The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Prodigal Daughter (DS9 S7E11)

April 24, 2019

O'Brien is missing from Deep Space Nine, and also from most of this episode.  To find him Ezri must go home to face her family and the ... the toxic effects of capitalism?

The sequel that definitely nobody asked for.   

Not even the writers apparently.   What happened here?  Who is owed an apology? 

Audra Come Home. 

Where does this episode sit next to other season’s low points? 

Is this episode actually a nuanced critique of capitalism?  Wade, your audio is going in the penalty box for that take. 

Do UFP citizens live in a post capitalist society or not?  What is the Federation?  Are not all Trill Federation citizens?  Why would anyone leave it?  Is Ezri’s mom a Ron Paul fan? 

Finally, in season 7 of our multi year podcast, we try to figure out what the Federation of Planets defines itself as.   

Bilby? Ok, but what about this new character? Sorry O’brien. 

Bobo Jessica Lang.  The Godfather?  This is a mess; all hands on deck. 

James misses his friends.  What exactly is this Star Trek again?   What is its thesis?  How is our relationship with the show shifting?    

Is Ezri the new Worf?   

Does Miles have a thicker accent? 

We get some Trill world building.  Is Ezri’s family a Bret Easton Ellis novel?  Did Ezri become the black sheep by joining?  Whoah is her brother a creep. What kind of mediocre brother is her other brother like? 

People who relate to Dax’s pronoun confusion deserve better. 

Imagine if Norvo were like Brenda’s brother on Six Feet Under?   


What was the problem with Bilby’s wife? Was it worth this?   

Follow your passion, or become a sad broken murderer. 

Is it our fault when our brothers get turned into murderers by Capitalism? 

Who doesn’t love a good matte painting?   Make it happen Wes Anderson!   

Has there ever been a good Orion Syndicate episode in all of Trek?  How might that work?   

Apologies again for Wade's poor audio on this one

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