The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Profit and Lace (DS9 S6E23)

January 9, 2019

Ferengi women get to wear clothes and Quark gets a sex change.

This episode, for all its faults… they only get worse with age.

All the great actors that get dragged into this…

Starting off, the episode is bad enough, and the end ain't any better.

How easy is it to compartmentalize and quarantine these bad episodes away from the good ones? 

Comparing ISB to Moffat.  

How do the showrunners stand by this one?  

But what can we say nice about this one? Some of the makeup? 

Addressing a problem with Ferengi society we’ve brought up in earlier episodes. 

What’s it say when a phone bank scene may be the highlight of the episode?  

What did Alexander Siddig do to try and redeem the episode, and did it “ruin” the fun of the episode? 

What happened to medical ethics again? 

We try to wrap our head around viewing this episode as marginalized people instead of 3 straight cis white guys -and fail utterly.  

Are there any ways they could have fixed this episode, that could have opened better story opportunities? 

Just when you think this episode has done enough, bring in a little gay panic. 

Going full Weinstein, even moreso than the cold open. 

Is there a documentary about the problems of this episode and this season? 

Did this episode think itself daring and progressive? 

Where does it stand among the worst Star Trek episodes?  Worse than Threshold, the Voyager slug episode?  

“One of the great classics of Star Trek” . 

The offensive hubris of well meaning white men.  

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