The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Shadows and Symbols (DS9 S7E02)

February 20, 2019

We learn a little something about Ben Sisko's origin. OH, and it's time to spend more time with that "Ezri Dax" that showed up at the end of last episode.

Research:  Website coming soon.

Ezri: No stumbling out the gate on this one.

Would we have still preferred some stunt casting?  What was the thinking behind another Nicole De Boer’s casting? 

What does Quark actually contribute? 

Never apologize, even if you’re Worf? 

Has Star Trek and DS9 been missing counselors since TNG? 

What if they’d actually gender shifted Dax? 

Admiral Ham Scully?   

An appreciation of techbobabble. 

Good ol’ desert scenes. James loves ‘em.   How does Brock Peters feel?

Damar drinks kanar. Is he unhappy? (yes).

What is the environmental impact of destroying part of a solar system? Should there be protests?  Mercury? We got no respect for ya. 

Is Admiral Ross not supportive enough of Kira? 

Vic gets replaced with a Mike Hammer refence for this episode.

Quark hears about gagh whilst in a klingon coffee shop. 

Does Sisko’s orb vision of Benny Russell cheapen “Far Beyond the Stars”?

Last Temptation of the Emissary? 

Good pacing and a plan comes together. 

Finally figuring out where Sisko’s specialness comes from. Is he a god, or just the tool of gods? -Sorry, noncorporeal wormhole aliens. 

How did all the plots relate to each other, or did they at all? 

Who dies offscreen? 

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