The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Sons and Daughters (DS9 S6E03)

August 22, 2018

Alexander who? Oh... wait, wasn't he, like, five the last time we saw him?

We have some unusual feelings about this episode.

Rio Grande? Must every Deep Space Nine episode always also be a famous Western?


The A Plot.  Worf has a failson. Some of the characterization rings true for us, but we can't agree on how much of a mess this story is. Gabrielle Union as Zizek’s daughter?  Matt Berry Klingon?  

Martok? Well, he is always great.

We Rashoman the third act.


The B Plot. Oh, basically the same Kira plot as last ep, but this time with Ziyal.

What are they doing with Odo? Well, not a lot here. We talk Special Men.

Is Kira wrong in here response to Ziyal at the end? James wants her to have stronger moral clarity.  How should we respond to people who’s parents are moral despots? Things get heated. 

Before we get to the final ranking, some Strek Trek Damar Trivia.

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