The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Statistical Probabilities (DS9 S6E09)

October 3, 2018

One Flew Over Asimov's Foundation. 

But no sign of Kai Ratched on Deep Space Nine for this one.  

Potsie! Who unlike Ralph the Mouth and James Cromwell, Hugh did NOT meet one time.  

Why are the augments wards of the state?  

Who are their Cuckoo’s Nest counterparts?  

Why must the nympho be constantly horizontal, Potsie?  

Syndication work: Explaining the Eugenics War.  

We get stuck in a Nerd Corner: Does the technology have convenient gaps? In Star Trek? Say it ain’t so. Why can’t the transporter just fix everything?  

Picking up Damar’s thin soup cues.  

The problems writers make in portraying intelligence and Sherlock Holmes fallacies.  

Madonna and Whore… not exactly the best Women Studies episode.  

Do the writers wish they’d done this with Bashir earlier or is this just a capitulation?  

Let’s talk about Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. You look foolish Nate Silver!  

Turning Julian into a kind of Spock to show limits of certain Star Trek ideologies.  

O’Brien and Bashir banter that works best.  

What does this episode have to do with a good ground game in Wisconsin?  

Is Bashir a KoE blind spot? 

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