The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Strange Bedfellows (DS9 S7E19)

June 19, 2019

Part Three of the final arc!  Ezri/Worf: Still captured.  Dukat/Winn: Trouble brewing.  Sisko/Kasidy: Marriage is war?  Damar's story is getting good.

The episodes run together.   Kai Ratched becomes a satanist.   

Who was giggling while writing this? Understanding mature relationships.  Who’s getting cocky?   

Frank Langella, now there’s a man with chemistry. 

We make some Game of Thrones comparisons. 

Three plots to tangle. Written by committee? 

Damar, we love you. 

How much does this retread earlier episodes’s plots? 

Exploring Worf/Ezri some more.  Any better than Winn/Dukat? 

More on how are we seeing DS9 this watch-through.  Is this trying to hard to not be your father’s Trek? 

We’re going to get some flack for demeaning Star Trek as historically not a character driven show, aren’t we? 

Thot Gor.

Clear and concise storytelling.   

Toxic views of marriage:  What’s good for for Klingons maybe shouldn’t work for humans. 

You really want your lead blessing mothers? Why not something a bit more humanist? 

Why hang upside down?  Best way to puke? 

Seduced AND betrayed?  Worf is a weird Klingon.  Was this compelling for repressed Star Trek fans in the 90s?

All the zoomer  kids LOVE SCTV jokes.   Whom amongst us isn’t a Pee Wee Head. 

Kira, U up?  Nevermind, I ain’t about that.   

We do like some things about the Ezri scenes. 

Odo, Quark, where are you? 

The worst end chapter hook so far? 

We know the Pah Wraiths are bad, but why again? 

Why are they doing so much better with Damar than other characters?   

Anyways, do all the things. For us!

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