The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Tacking Into the Wind (DS9 S7E22)

July 10, 2019

Odo is sick.  The Klingons and the Alliance have a problem.  Empires of all sorts must change or be destroyed.   Have you tacked before? 

Tacking into themes.   

Bobby Moynihan Cardasssian: What’s his actual name?

Oh wait, is this the culmination of the post TNG  plot for the Klingons?   Worf: Avatar of regime change. 

Clicking Clocks and ticking tocks.      

What was Voyager going to do with these characters anyway?   

Does it make sense to withold information from Sisko or not? 

Is this a lesson to why stories are broken differently than they used to be?  How much blame [or praise] goes to one person?   Do old tv writing habits die hard?  Does the momentum start and stop? Can you expect the pinnacle of prestige drama writing from a latex forehead show?  What would a DS9 showrun by Moore have looked like?   What if we watched Babylon 5 back   when we weren’t jaded critical jerks? 

A Frank Oz-ian Odo.  Still the least earned romance?  How about Bashir? 

Three hundred years of Section 31 being hidden, huh?  What was that, Discovery? 

Obrien, at the end, reduced to a wingman.  Quark who? 

James wants a “warts and all” documentary.   

“Do whatever it takes.”  Gowron’s got to go. 

Sex grandma wants to kill everyone.   

DS9: First to  coin the term “thot.” Bye, boy.  What kind of BDSM are cardies into? 

Peter Daou Worf.  The system of empire is broken.  American exceptionalism is over?   Who expected that of Ezri?  Don’t you hate it when Star Trek gets political? 

Imagine if we got Priscilla Presley vorta back?   

Good on making your sex grandma bait work, DS9.   Worf takes off his badge; watch out!    Would this fight have worked better with a more elaborate set?   

Does Wade’s opinion matter at all if he hasn’t watched the Star Wars prequels? 

Mexican standoff with meat grindered Odo.  Remember Ziyal, three Dukats ago?    

Hey, how bout ending on a theme? 

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