The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Take Me Out to the Holosuite (DS9 S7E04)

March 6, 2019

A haughty Vulcan challenges the emotional Sisko to a game of baseball and we got us a shenanigans episode, y'all!  But what's this about an ethnoship?  Take me out, please. 

Secrets of Rom. 

A premise well deployed. 

Wait, not the Bad News Bears, but… was this based on an old tv show? 

An… ethnoship?   Oh boy we’re gonna talk about racism. 

USS Vidal Sassoon. 

Is it a weird message if the superior  Vulcans end up overpowering the diverse non Vulcans? 

Buckle up!   

Does this episode show a different approach to the Vulcans than other Trek has embraced up until this point? 

Is it presumptuous for the nerds writing this show to suppose that winning a sports game isn’t the most important victory? 


What is the nature of the truth in Kasidy and Ben Sisko’s relationship?    

How many ways can James talk over, not listen to, or make assumptions about Wade’s points? [Hi, Wade wrote these notes].

Now, what does memory alpha say about ethnoships?

Is there any merit to a story that shows victory in defeat?   

Closing up facts: 

Wait. WHO is Cirroc Lofton’s uncle?!

Black hats.  Padres and Yankees.    

Chekhov’s Fancy Dan.   

Federation anthem? 

Manufactured triumph. Here here! 

Just when you think you’re done… MORE ETHNOSHIP.

Even if it’s not analogous, is it a problem if someone reinterprets a story to make racist analogies? 

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