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Tears of the Prophets (DS9 S6E26)

January 30, 2019

Season Six is over!  Does it die with a bang, or a whimper?  The Dominion War reaches a crucial moment.  This is not how we want to say goodbye to our space friends.  

Are the pieces rushed into place? And does this episode wrap things up satisfactorially? 

How many of the pieces here are nothing we want to watch? 

[Just a small bit of argumentation]

Did the creators overestimate how invested we were in some of these stories?

What is the big choice Sisko has to make? 

The least anemic thread of this episode! 

Isolating story threads and rushed serialization. 

What kind of hero’s death is walking to church? 

How hamfisted is Dukat shoehorned back into Cardassia’s good graces? 

Is it just to hit religious themes harder? 

What was in the original script for Jadzia?  Did they blow all the budget on a Star Wars space fight?  Is that why Dax got short-changed? 

Manless warfare in the 24th century (and late 90s). 

Was Brooks on melatonin in this ep? 

Muscles or Potatoes?  Vests, vests, vests.   

Nerd Corner for when Sisko passes out on the bridge.    

Real convenient for Dukat to just show up, huh? 

Do all the Dominion scenes go against sense and reason?  A lot of good people on both sides. 

TV and pat solutions to logical problems that fail to satisfy, 

What is the very least effort that Jadzia deserved  for a sendoff?

Is it a shame that the prophets’ “death” is the more consequential? 

But hey, the final season is now set to begin with a big change in the status quo.   

Faith, science, and religion: Should Sisko struggle more with it?  What happens if one of us has a body to bury? 

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