The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Changing Face of Evil (DS9 S7E20)

June 26, 2019

The Dominion War and Books.

Ezri and Worf get home. Earth is attacked. Solbor! Nooo! Oh and something happens to the Defiant.  

The one with all the research.

Arrested developement and juvenile culture.  Tabletop!

Why no Jim and Pam- ing?  Superstore can do it, why can’t DS9 Sam and Diane at all? 

The pepper burning scene?  We’ll give ya that one.   

So everybody still takes the husband’s name in the future, huh?   

Poor ol’ Solbor.  Dukat, Q, and the Great Awakening.  Who is Kost Amojen again?    Hit the books for the evil LSAT.  Should Star Trek stay away from mystical religious stuff?   

Real men also cook.   Kasidy gets a little more dimensionality.  Is Sisko wary of losing another wife?  Is that giving too much credit? 

Angry Nerd Corner:  Doesn’t Colonel Kira have other responsibilties off of a Federation bridge?  What is the status of the Bajoran/Dominion non agression pact? 

Danarys kinda forgot about the Bajoran fleet. 

Can you put pit stains in a Cardassian suit?  Booze sweats? 

Bobby Moynihan Cardassian and chump-ing your way to success, the Damar way. 

End of the first writing chunk of the finale. 

Is the Breen attack on Earth anticlimatic?  What about the Defiant? 

Is Jeffrey Combs the glue holding this arc together? 

Since when do Cardassians not plot?     

Worf as Hitch is… weird. 

Odo? Who’s that?  Marriage changes everything they say. 

Solbor Scooby Doo s Dukat.  Episode MVP!  That’s So Solbor.   Nailed it! 

Louise Fletcher is an Oscar winning actress.  What does she have to work with here? 

Dated FX aside, it feels like a fleet going to battle in a way other Treks don’t always pull off…

How is Sex Grandma like Dr Evil?  Are there too many unforced errors by the Dominion team?

Damar: #Resist.  How little have they showed off Ops over the course of this series? 

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