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The Emperor’s New Cloak (DS9 S7E12)

May 1, 2019

The Nagus is Missing in the Alternate Universe and Quark and Rom need a cloaking device for the Regent.

It’s the final Mirror Universe episode of Deep Space Nine, and we couldn’t be more upset.   

Two of our favorite things. The Mirror Universe PLUS Ferengi shenanigans! 

Get ready to talk about evil bisexual tropes.   Hugh was right about problems in the mirror U since season its first reappearance in DS9.  Now in Discovery they’re still doing it. 

How many episodes are going to start with “we haven’t heard from X in a while”? 

Did this do some interesting things with Ferengi religion and spirituality? 

Is Quarks horniness more character assassination? 

Which is the best Mirror ep? Aside from the original. Oh sorry, “Alternate.” 

Is this show making fun of its fans?  Does it have senoritus. 

Remember “Vulcan Love Slave”?  Remember all the coworkers’ doubles that Sisko slept with? 

How bout that object work from Max and Armin?  What did it take to carry an invisible object?    

Wait wait wait. Not-Hologram-Vic and Sloth Plisken? 

ISB, Boogie Nights, and Zach Snyder. 

Did The Last Jedi rip off a character from this ep? 

One thing James didn’t hate about this episode: Brunt.

Tugging on ear hairs: Ferengi sex is gross.   

You take care of your Nagus. It’s just what you do: Anarcho Capitalists love for authoritarianism.    

Hey, Andrew Robinson was in this. Why aren’t we seeing more Avery Brooks lately?   Just how intimidating is he?   

Why again, do we want to go to the Mirror -sorry “Alternate”-Universe?  Did it lose the original thread?  Do people want Benny Hill shenanigans?  Get ready for our new podcast! 

What is Kira going to do to the Regent that’s so stimulating?  Thanks Joel Esterhaus, for the 90s obsession with sexy domination.   

James has a second nice thing to say; this time about Nicole DeBoer. 

If they know this is the last season why isn’t the show closing doors? 

Back to sexual politics and harmful tropes. 

Apropos of nothing:  Tilda Swinton is great. 

What do we think about comedy in these things?  Stay tuned for Yakkity Saxuality!   

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