The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Quickening (DS9 S4E24)

December 20, 2017

Is Julian Bashir a Good Doctor? We have to contend with a question we’ve asked this entire podcast.  
In Dominion space Julian and Dax find some "physiologically different" human-looking humanoids who are suffering from a manufactured disease.
Hugh is not a disease guy. 
Was Jen Kirkman, of all people, pregnant in this episode? Certainly not.  
Let’s figure out the etymology of “quickening” and what it means in this episode. 
Nerd cornering on weather seasons and alien physiologies. 
Julian hates hospice. 
Where do some of these actors come from?

They Shoot Bashir’s Don’t They?  

Just how many Julian reboots are we gonna get?  
Early mocap.  
And James has some remarks on pregnancy…  

plust more!

Voicmails! (48:44)

Kristin from Toronto has some thoughts on Outlander 
BuckyWTGoodHair has a few calls about the Mirror Uninverse.

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