Kickers of Elves

The Siege of AR-558 (DS9 S7E08)

April 3, 2019

War is hell.  Sisko and crew get put in the middle of it.

What does the end of History and the 90s have to do with this episode?  WELL WE’RE GONNA TALK ABOUT IT.

Salts vs Boots.  Tuco Salamanca!  Will Robinson! Neoliberalism! 

Why was this such a hard episode to get made? 

Is this a facile argument about war in general?  Is the question of whether the war is just or necessary an important one to ask for this story? 

Contrast this to City on the Edge. 

Framing alien species against humans.  Does Quark here epitomize an ideology that we’ve grown beyond?

Hell is for Heroes.  And that ain’t us.  Heinrich Colbe has some cred though.    

Leave Worf out of this one. 

Remember PCU?   

Does this suffer for the lack of Star Trek aspirations?

Is the sermonizing about war is underthought?

Rule 34 again:  War is good for business.

He almost changed the line.  Nicole wasn’t going to beam crouched. 

What songs do the troops play before battle? 

Oh Vic. Some of us hate you.  Star Trek even turned the Beastie Boys into Vic Fontaine.

Is Tuco Vargas?   In praise of technobabble. 

Turns out with an episode this good we have to critique what it says, not how it says it. 

Let us know what you think! 

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