The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

The Sound of Her Voice (DS9 S6E25)

January 23, 2019

Sisko and the crew become best friends with a voice on the radio.

A return to A plot/B plot structures. And some adventures in the beta quadrant.

We pretty much liked this episode.  The 500th episode of Star Trek across all its series.

Who’s that voice? 

Kasidy Yates, we missed you (but maybe Sisko didn’t?).

Star Trek finally highlights the bad parts of socialist countries - with Odo’s over reliance on regulations.

How do you know you’re in the Vegan sector? 

A new Bashir? Again?  A character always in the shop. 

Lisa Cusack:  A refreshing interesting character for a guest voice.  Why not do that for other characters? 

A heavy dose of foreshadowing. 

Spoilers: We revealed a certain secret ages ago. 

Preoccupied Sisko LOVES ipads! 

Why do writers write so often about therapy? 

Sidebar: P.T. Anderson and The Master. 

Does the advent of ubiquitous internet have any bearing on how this story developed? 

Ol’ Cavey gets a blue wet makeover. 

That B plot, did it have a twist?  It’s earnestness throws us for a loop. 

“Woah Jeff! We didn’t realize it was this bad!” 

The 285th Rule: Another human cliche. 

How is Odo broken again?  How has he fundamentally changed from the core identity of his character? 

Setting up the pieces of this season and setting up for next episode.  Making loss mean something. 

Is Tom Paris like Julian Bashir? Homer Simpson? 

Poor Harry Kim.    

We're nearly on the same page with this episode. How do you feel?

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