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Ties of Blood and Water (DS9 S5E19)

May 30, 2018

Tekeny Ghemor shows up again [who?] and Kira goes through some feels. Dad's real and fake die.

James and Hugh have some serious trouble getting on board for this story. He’s not really her dad!

Cardassians are like bulldogs when it comes to syndromes.

Ol’ One Arm makes an appearance in the good ol’ cave set.

WEYOUN! And Dominion corporate culture.

Does Dukat dodge the mug? Is the dress blue or yellow?

Hugh hates scenes where they explain the protagonist’s feelings to them.

Elder abuse!

How fun would this episode be if it were all Weyoun?

James and Hugh have some ideas on what would make this episode better.

Is this episode still stuck in an episodic mindset even if it’s kind of a sequel to Second Skin? Is this episode a transitional fossil from previous eras of television?

Who can get us Wallace Shawn before Chapo Trap House does?  Gird your lobes for next week!

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