The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast

Til Death Do Us Part (DS9 S7E18)

June 12, 2019

Sisko's space mom doesn't want him getting married. Kai Winn gets a gentleman caller.  Ezri gets a love interest she's barely talked to in any of her featured episodes.  All the plots have romance. Yay?

Dukat has a plan.  What is our least favorite part of this episode?  Is this a Dan Brown novel for Wade?   Is everyone out of position for the end? 

So what is going on with Kai Winn?  How clear is the writing? I’m sure you nerds can tell us.  How can we untangle what we know about this show we saw before? 

Wade drags an actor and feels awful for it, whether they has it coming or not. 

Do Cardassians sleep in their KISS costumes?   Why don’t they spend more Dominion time with Dukat setting up his story?  Wade is frustrated, and switches roles with James. 

A less appealing love story: The Ezri Triangle. 

Has truly NO ONE ever seen a Breen without a mask?  Let’s think back…  BREEN FACTS! 

Dream interpretations are deployed…   to an effect.  Could that effect been been done with… talking?    

What is going on with the romance plots? 

What scenes have Julian and Ezri even had together? 

Was breaking Odo the point of no return?  Shouldn’t he be a bigger player in this by now? 

How did the plot get shuffled around in the room?  What exactly is the religious story saying? 

Is this losing some of the humanism of Star Trek? 

What is Wade’s mutant power? 

Solbor: The best Ranjen.  What’s a ranjen? 

Kai Ratched has a type. 

Let us know what you think!


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